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Far Reaching Consequences
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Far Reaching Consequences

Opinion: By Dale Lowdermilk. November 19, 2019

The recent Sagus handgun murders and the US Supreme Court ruling against a 115 year old firearms company will change history, one way or another. Before anyone places their bets on the Remington Arms v. Soto case, it might be worth considering some possible unintended consequences.

If Remington Arms is liable for the ILLEGAL misuse of an AR15 used in the 2012 Sandy Hook murders, it’s highly likely that makers of ammunition, rifle scopes, hearing and eye protectors, targets and other firearm accessories will be vulnerable to future lawsuits. Since murderers need to perfect their skills, local shooting ranges, sporting goods stores, hunting and fishing clubs, will need to start screening all their customers (and members) on a regular basis. Clothing stores should probably stop selling ski masks and hoodies as well.

Adam Lanza, the 2012 murderer, was apparently a big fan of violent video games, so heads-up to all you young deranged Silicon Valley programmers. Be sure to include a good attorney in your list of beta testers.

YouTubers, be cautious before posting your tips on hunting, field dressing, tracking, camo gear, fair-chase, kill shots or venison recipes. Additional "legal jeopardy" will be waiting for the THOUSANDS of individuals providing safety instruction on social media regarding ammo, reloading, cleaning, concealed carry, safe storage and ways to improve a shooter’s safety, speed or accuracy. Remember, the internet (and Big Brother) lives forever .....

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