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Slate Writer asks for Facts on
Guns and Gun Law Coverage
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Slate Writer asks for Facts on
Guns and Gun Law Coverage

By Dean Weingarten. Posted by Tony Oliva on Jun 22, 2016

Rachel Larimore, a Senior Editor at Slate, has written an unusual piece for the publication. It is titled Bullet Points. You can be forgiven for expecting this will be another uninformed diatribe against those evil conservatives, who if they would only stop licking the boots of their NRA masters, would allow common sense legislation to pass that would prevent crime by outlawing evil guns. The expected would, in this case, be wrong.

Ms Larimore, who has been at Slate since 2002, was, as of 2008, the only Republican at the publication. That makes her remarkable. She actually knows how to do research on the Internet. The article does a good job of excoriating the leftist media for being consistently wrong about guns.

Not about policy; Rachel only hints at that. But it follows that you are unlikely to get policy right when you do not know the most basic facts about guns or gun law. From Rachel Larimore at .....

A refreshing writer who actually sees the main stream media's lobbying for 'gun control' as a collection of perverted 'facts' and general ignorance with regard to firearms. She recognizes the constant bleating about "common-sense 'gun control'" and "universal background checks" -- when there are an estimated 20,000 laws on the books and, nothing can totally prevent a budding maniac from legally acquiring a gun. It is conveniently ignored that the use of 'assault' weapons is statistically miniscule, when handguns cause way more injuries.

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