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King County, WA Illustrates Failure of 'Gun Control' Laws

By Dave Workman. October 15, 2021

King County, Washington is the hub of gun control extremism in the Pacific Northwest and by no small coincidence, according to new violent crime data released by County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg's office, it is also seeing a "sharp spike" in gun-related violence. [...]



Grassroots Update -- Oct 13, 2021

From Dave Workman. October 13, 2021

What's New—California: Gov Newsom signed SB264, as a result of recent changes to "assault weapons" statutes residents should check on whether their "other" type firearm needs to be registered: Pennsylvania: HB1900: banning gun sales to anyone "whose name is included on the terrorist screening database" introduced; [...]



Anti-gunners Launch Campaign to Intimidate SCOTUS as 2A Case Looms

By NRA-ILA. October 12, 2021

For many decades, 'gun control' proponents who saw their fortunes wane in legislatures from coast to coast and who were unable to get traction with Congress could at least console themselves with the thought that activist courts had their backs. The Second Amendment, after all, had been [...]



Is The Administration and Congress Playing Americans for Dupes?

By Roger J Katz. Oct 11, 2021

In our multi-series treatise on treason, it is possible that some readers may view these articles as discrete vignettes or snapshots on the topic of treason. That would be wrong. It is our intention readers see each article as connected to the one before it; each article progressing sequentially to produce a unified whole [...]



Make Life More Dangerous for Violent Felons

By JPFO. Oct 8, 2021

We've reached a point where too many decent women and men are afraid to use their firearms for the intended purpose of self-protection and defense of hearth and home. This must change—the Second Amendment and its usefulness cannot be watered down to placate misinformed progressives and protect criminals from harm [...]



What Does "AR" Stand For?

By William Barclay Masterson. Oct 7, 2021

If you guessed "Assault Rifle" or "Automatic Rifle," you'd have lots of company. Most Democrats, Lefties, Statists, Progressives, or American Marxists (as we now call them thanks to "The Great One," Mark Levin), certainly believe that these are the machine guns that are all over our city streets and account for most murders [...]


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