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Huffpo: 'Domestic Abuse Victims
are Better Off Disarmed'
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Huffpo: 'Domestic Abuse Victims
are Better Off Disarmed'

By Bruce W. Krafft. July 18th, 2017

'The NRA Wants To Solve Domestic Violence By Arming Victims. It Probably Won't Work' the headline proclaims. "Adding guns to an already violent situation creates the potential for disaster" the subhead adds. Let's start with that . . .

To be fair to the author, Huffpo scribe Melissa Jeltsen (above), SEO-crazed editors usually write the headlines. In this case, one who wants readers to believe that the NRA is naïve enough to think that legislation providing additional self-defense options for abuse victims could "solve" domestic violence.

Unfortunately, there are some warped individual who believe that physical abuse is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with their problems. There always will be individuals who will use their intimate partners as their punching bags.

[Please note that I'm not discounting the corrosive effects of mental and emotional abuse, but unless accompanied by physical abuse, neither typically calls for self-defense using deadly force.] .......

"Potential for disaster" is one of the common favorite terms used by anti-gun groups -- and yet there can be many cases where a physically abusive partner can be larger and stronger then the abused, and ultimately there can be a need for decisive defensive measures. Let's not either forget the ubiquitous knife as a weapon in a household - possibly the potential biggest threat in domestic disputes, and one that might only be countered by a firearm as a last resort. "Potential for survival" might be a better term.

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