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Second Amendment Censorship

By Glenn Harlan Reynolds. Nov 29, 2021

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the Biden administration's desire for speech restrictions from Big Tech "our asks" last July, tremors shook the foundation of the First Amendment so hard they reverberated all the way to the Second [...]



'Gun Buybacks' Proof that Desperate 'Authorities' Need Scapegoats

By David Codrea. Nov 25, 2021

"As city of Poughkeepsie officials continue to grapple with a rash of gun violence, and city school district leaders deal with the implications of a shooting incident outside its high school, a second gun buyback event through the Attorney General's Office in less than six months [...]



JPFO's "Don't Mug Me Mug"

From JPFO. Nov 24 2021

Warm Up For the Holidays With the Limited Edition JPFO "Don't Mug Me Mug". Bon Appetit from your friends at JPFO. Remember, when you order from JPFO, you support Liberty, Freedom, and your G-d Given Rights of Self-Defense! [...]



Children and Firearms Safety

By DRGO. Nov 23, 2021

Can firearms be kept safely at homes with young children? Yes, with proper precautions. Millions of North Americans have guns at home and do so safely. Around one-half of homes in the US possess guns as do about one-third of homes in Canada. Thanks to a widespread culture of safety [...]



Kyle Trial Ends in Justice

By JPFO. Nov 22, 2021

Too much happened for just another news release. How about a list: The court system worked, video-obvious self-defense was exonerated properly; Leftist-led jury intimidation should be prosecuted, including "officials"; NOTE: Even with clear evidence of self-defense [...]



'Gun Control' Support Drops to Lowest Level Since 2014

By Dave Workman. Nov 19, 2021

A new Gallup poll shows support for stricter 'gun control' has dropped five percentage points to the lowest level it has been since 2014, and a separate Gallup survey shows far more people own guns for personal protection against crime, a revelation that doesn't surprise [...]



Our 2A Rights & Freedoms

By DRGO. Nov 17, 2021

Some facts that will never see daylight in our National News Media or Social Network sites: United States Court of Appeals – Fourth Circuit district. Ruled that 18-to-20-year old's have the same Second Amendment rights to purchase handguns as older Americans [...]



Prosecutor Gun Handling Skills

By George Devinny. Nov 16, 2021

This is a piece of news coverage that has already been broadly well featured except perhaps by most 'MSM', but it is worth highlighting. During closing arguments yesterday in the Rittenhouse case, the lead attorney for the prosecution Thomas Binger waved an AR-15 around [...]



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