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This is what happens in a country
that has severe gun control
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Auguest 28th 2015

This is what happens in a country
that has severe gun control


Follow this "Tweet History" for a lesson on the effects of gun control, as seen in later stages of WWll. It seems so often that the present-day Jews have lost sight of their disastrous heritage from those bleak times.

Created by Alwyn Collinson.

Livetweeting the 2nd World War, as it happens on this date & time in 1943, & for 3 years to come....... -->

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What Do Background Checks Get You?: Calls for more background check legislation should be seen as pretty much a waste of time, when it comes to preventing horrific shootings as recently proven.

Recent JPFO Alert, 2 of 3 … August 26th 2015 – (hover cursor to pause)

Gun Control Proponent: Women Too Weak to Carry Guns for Self-Defense: What a naive notion that a woman is "too weak" to carry a gun for self defense! There is a distinct smell of false logic in that premise.

Recent JPFO Alert, 3 of 3 … August 25th 2015 – (hover cursor to pause)

The Dangerous "Background Check" Lie: Half the media doesn't even know it's deceiving you when it talks about so-called "universal background check" bills. The other half knows it's lying.

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