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Sheriff Clarke Schools Rahmbo.
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Auguest 2nd 2015

Sheriff Clarke Schools Rahmbo.


The answer to crime, largely gang crime, would seem not to be taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, or putting what liberals call "sensible restrictions" on their uses. And it certainly doesn't reside, according to Sheriff Clarke, in sensitivity training for police or turning them into community organizers.

By Daniel John Sobieski

Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is famous for saying that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste since it allows you to do things you might not be able to get done except for the emotions of the moment spurring calls to action.

Chicago's bloody Memorial Day weekend, which saw a dozen people killed -- including a four-year-old-girl -- certainly proved no exception to Rahm's Rule as he called for, wait for it, stricter gun control as he spoke at a luncheon honoring police officers for valor and service. "It's not just about how many police you have, it's about the quantity of guns that are on the street so we actually have gun laws that back up the men and women we just recognized," Emanuel said........ -->

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