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Campus Carry Reform is Advancing.
This is Why
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Campus Carry Reform is Advancing.
This is Why

By Dean Weingarten. December 1st, 2016
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Campus carry reform is likely to advance in Arkansas in 2017. I expect it to continue to advance in the following years, across the nation. From

The ever-increasing Republican majority in Arkansas has a shot a passing some legislation that a toehold of Democrats managed to hold-off, or at least mitigate on occasion in the last session.

Member station KUAR reports, Arkansas State Representative Charlie Collins (R-Fayetteville) has plans to expand the scope of second amendment rights on college campuses. It comes amid renewed discussion because of an incident Monday at Ohio State University.

While the incident was initially reported as an active shooter, it turned out the man was armed with a knife, injuring eight people.

Campus carry is one of several fronts where Second Amendment supporters are advancing. As is common in the struggle to restore Second Amendment rights, the two sides have dramatically different assumptions about reality.

Second Amendment supporters use straightforward logic and premises. .......

All too often campus administrators live in ivory towers and love to make laws (control). In way too many cases they (usually 'progressives') have an obsessional dislike of guns and in particular an abhorance of guns on campus because of the "danger" factor. Then too we have restrictions due to external law makers - local and state government etc - risks from outside being ignored or treated as impossible - classic naevity.
"Gun-free-zones" must continue to be eliminated.

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