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Mass Murder Limited By Legal Gun Owners
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Mass Murder Limited By Legal Gun Owners

By Dean Weingarten. December 5th, 2017
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In Rockledge, Florida, at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, the 25th of November, 2017, two armed citizens stopped a mass murder in progress. Police Chief Joseph P. LaSata of the Rockledge Police Department, made clear the intervention of the armed citizens was responsible for stopping the murderer. Two employees were shot, one killed, in the parking lot. Then two armed employees intervened. From the transcript of this video from

Matt Lupoli, reporter:

Another employee, a manager, came out with a gun of his own and shot and wounded Baily. That man has not been named, but police say he saved several other lives, customers and employees alike.

Rockledge Chief Joseph Lasata:

Mr. Baily had multiple magazines on his person. He was intent on doing harm. The employees stepped up and prevented customers, employees, and other vendors who were in the business at the time from sustaining further injuries. They did a good job.

The murder suspect, Robert Lorenzo Bailey, Jr, 28, of Cocoa, is in critical condition at the Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melborne. The suspect has not been connected to Schlenker Automotive. The murder and gunfight started in Schlenker’s parking lot. .......

Proof, if any was needed, that gun carrying citizens can save lives. Sadly in probably many cases such as this, the armed citizen may not be able to limit injury and/or death entirely - rather, the potential for significant mitigation is most certainly possible and vital. This can make the difference between what could be mass murder, and the survival of a majority. This is why anti-gun people must be repeatedly reminded why we say over and over "guns save lives".

Extra: Regarding the medical marijuana problem and gun confiscation, discussed recently -- a petition has been set up to promote the need for a bill to make an exemption for legitimate use. Do go sign if you feel strongly on the matter.

Attention Arizona - Bill of Rights Day Celebration, 12/15/17 - this event still has spaces available. For everywhere else - set up your own BoR Day and keep the Bill of Rights alive.

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