November 6th 2013

Fed Judges Can't Touch
Chicago Political Machine

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One day, a decent law abiding person in Chicago might get a permit to carry a handgun outside the home, concealed, and even supported by a pro 2A 7th Circuit Court Judge. BUT - wait a minute -- what about local ordinances and requirements for business permits? Ahh, there is where what might seem like small cracks become gaping holes.

Chicago's anti-gun requirements don't all have to be written into law - no, City hall just imposes ordinances creating gun-free zones in all bars and restaurants serving alcohol. OK, so, other states do this.

That however seems only the tip of this huge iceberg as, just about any business has to obtain a permit and/or license and unless they show a "guns prohibited" sign on their premises, their chance of getting their permit suddenly becomes harder and much slower. Then there are municipal businesses - now there's a ripe area for control. Public transportation, municipal parking lots, public concerts ... etc. With enough imagination, a carry law can be almost totally made untenable.

Rob Morse discusses flagrant anti-2A 'gun-control' methods -->

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Useful quote --
"The said constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." -- Samuel Adams

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