November 20th 2013

It's the end of the primary lead smelter
in Herculaneum (and I feel fine)

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Early in November this year we published an article which was looking at possible effects on ammunition production, from the closure of the remaining U.S. lead smelting plant in Herculeum, Missouri. The closure was seemingly brought on by a massive 10 extra regulations from the EPA and costs involved, which was seen as the death knell for the lead industry and given blame for being part of the 'gun control' movement.

In this follow-up piece we can see that maybe the response was, while in many ways understandable, probably somewhat of an over reaction. This article puts things into perspective such that we can see the picture more clearly. The sources of lead for ammunition are many and not it seems at all dependant on any supplies from a primary lead smelter company -- rather, sourcing is from such things as recycled batteries and general scrap sources.

This article helps dispel the rather predictable over reaction -->

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