December 2nd 2013

New York City Follows Nazi
Pattern of Gun Confiscation

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Those who have studied history may well recognize the approach being implemented by New York City. First of all, people with "illegal" guns are contacted by letter (registration is wonderful for knowing who lives where), informing them of their 'options'. (See the on-site article for an enlargeable image of the letter).

Basically it is saying, surrender 'illegal' firearm or firearms to police, remove items from NYC with notarized proof, or discuss with authorities. A well used ploy throughout history. Failure to comply will it is assumed lead to confiscation and probable incarceration. Anything able to hold more than 5 rounds becomes illegal, which of course covers even most humble .22LR rifles or handguns. One has to wonder where the 6 shot revolver fits in!

As we know - registration is the route to confiscation -->

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