December 8th 2013

Happy 222nd Birthday, Bill Of Rights

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The Bill of Rights is 222 years old! This document and the spirit of liberty it represents, is arguably the only thing that makes American different from any other country in the history of the world.

In this day and age we see ever more vigorous attempts to bypass or even try and nullify the law of the land, and its importance is greater now than probably any time in America's history. It should be remembered that the most important fact about the Bill of Rights, is that it creates no rights, nor does it grant rights of any kind to anybody -- it is a list of things the government is absolutely forbidden to do, under any circumstances. It may even be more accurate to refer to it as the "Bill of Limitations"."Shall not be infringed" - sound familiar to anyone?!

Neil Smith explores the Bill from several angles --->

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Useful quote --
"An efficient militia is authorized and contemplated by the Constitution and required by the spirit and safety of free government." -- James Madison

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