December 18th 2013

Bad Colonel! No Eagles!

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CORRECTION: We must humbly apologize for having used an incorrect picture, which was believed to be correct at the time. The substituted picture is described as the actual Lt. Col Bateman being discussed, derived from his Facebook page.

Robert Bateman

Following a recent report about a certain Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bateman - who single-handedly promotes the disarming of our civilian population, we have a blazing open letter to him by our own Neil Smith.

Neil, as so often, takes no prisoners, and tells it like it is in no uncertain manner! He, like so many of us, puts great store by such things as oath of office, honor, decency and integrity -- attributes which it appears this Army officer does not hold in any importance. To "deal with" this situation, Neil puts on his science-fiction writer's hat and thoroughly predicts a new future and the punishment required!

This is a masterly open letter -->

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