December 27th 2013

How the ATF Manufactures Crime

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The murky goings-on within the various alphabet agencies have, to varying degrees, been headline news periodically. The NSA and IRS just to name just two, but also, the ATF which was probably best known in recent times for the botched "Fast and Furious" program, with full accountability yet to be demonstrated.

What is perhaps less well known is some of their other continued efforts to make up their own laws and carry out more flagrant abuses. Here, we present two essentially related items, the first looking at the ATF's use of mentally disabled people to carry out 'sting' operations to entrap the unwary. The second comprises a letter (received by us though email and available as a PDF file) which had been sent to a Maine Senator, describing how the ATF has been harvesting 4473 records through bullying tactics againsts FFLs - a very convenient way to build up databases and help with the ongoing quest for registration.

Both these reports deserve our full attention -->

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