October 21st 2014

Stealth Gun Control Initiative Too
Close To Call In Washington State


A near perfect example of planned legislation which is full of confusing and vague wording - all the while attempting to introduce a pernicious system of background checks - more than enough to facilitate a detailed database of every gun owner. "I-594 is a solution looking for a problem, more evidence it’s not about safety, but gun confiscation."

By Rachel Alexander. October 20th, 2014

Washington state’s I-594 has massive money pouring into it, because it’s apparently the only gun-control measure on the ballot this fall anywhere across the country. There are actually two dueling gun measures in the state.

The first one, I-594, the Washington Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative, is being bankrolled by billionaires on the left in favor of gun control, including anti-gun activist and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as former wealthy Microsoft execs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Thanks to them, the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility has raised nearly $9 million for the initiative this far, massively outspending the other side, which has raised only $1.3 million.

I-594 has been cleverly drafted to sound like it merely makes small changes to gun laws, not a flat-out ban or gun registration scheme. This is why it is so dangerous .......... -->


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