March 13th 2015

Instead of Gun Control:
More Private Security


An older article but still totally relevant today. It does however center on increasing armed 'security' , rather than including and even concentrating on the need for law abiding armed members of the public (including business employees, teachers etc). The main point it seems to make however is that "gun control' is not in itself the way to fight crime, something that logic dictates is ever true.

By Paul M. Barrett July 23, 2012

The movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., has provoked the usual calls for stricter gun control. Surely, liberals argue, we can do without 100-round drum magazines such as the one the Colorado killer is said to have used. The National Rifle Association, once it comes out of its bunker to respond, will oppose any and all new gun control laws.

Then, nothing will happen. There are many reasons nothing will happen, as I've written, most recently, here and, earlier, here. The most telling sign nothing will happen is that President Barack Obama, a believer in strong gun control laws, has remained mute and motionless on the topic—after the Tucson supermarket spree in January 2011, and now, again, after Aurora.

The political costs to Democrats are too high—a good thing or an infuriating thing, depending on your views of the Second Amendment, self-protection, and the meaning of firearms in American culture....... -->


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