April 28th 2015

Oh No!!! Not ANOTHER Article
on What Gun To Carry


Whether you have carried for many years, are starting to carry, or even just considering carry and first firearm ownership -- this article by guest contributor Neale Osborn is a useful contribution to decision making.

Carrying a gun is a personal decision that NO ONE should take lightly. If you don't think you could shoot a human being, no matter what he is threatening to do to you or yours, DON'T CARRY! If you aren't going to go to the range and become familiar enough with your chosen gun that you can reliably hit a target 7 yards (21 feet) away every shot, DON'T CARRY! If you're not going to carry ALL the time, DON'T CARRY! If you cannot maintain "Situational Awareness" when you're out and about, keeping one hand free to draw at need, watching people around you, DON'T CARRY! If you are not prepared to honor signs on stores that prohibit carry on their premises, either be prepared to accept the consequences of violating the storeowner's right, or DON'T CARRY! And last, but certainly not least, if you are not willing to risk being tried by 12 of your peers for taking the life of a criminal attacker (which WILL happen in many states if you Do shoot) DON'T CARRY!........ -->


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