May 19th 2015

Media Firearms Failures that Will Give You Fits


Among the anti-gun fraternity, the ability to misquote and/or deliver inexcusable inaccuracies is legion. Of course the classic and perhaps most common blunder is with the use of the term "assault", but, there are many others. If the media wishes to try and castigate the honest gun owner, then at least get facts straight!

By: Elwood Shelton. May 8th, 2015

It's a matter of being human that we all mess up from time to time. After all, you can't break every clay or put every round into the 10 ring. However, when it comes to firearms and screw ups there seems to be one group that goes out of its way to step in it again and again -- the news media.

Even the lightest lifting when it comes to proper firearms terminology or knowledge makes their knees buckle. In turn, their audience is left with a palm full of face, lungs full of sighs, and a burning sensation at the base of the skull induced by the derp.

Oh yes, the world of journalism is rife with examples of its practitioners butchering the basics of firearms that gallons of digital ink could be spilled over. Here are four that caught our eyes -- then made us want to gouge them out...... --> (Use your browser zoom function to better read rather small text)

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