June 4th 2015

Texas Senate Passes Watered
Down Campus Carry Bill


This superficially looked like a potential win, but, it would appear unfortunately that it is far from rock solid. Too many possible ways for limitations to be imposed and even, with private universities, no obligation to permit it at all. The cynical view may well be "better some than none at all"!

By Cassi Pollock. 31st May, 2015

A bill in the Texas Legislature that would allow college students with a concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry their firearms on campus was passed in the state Senate on Saturday. Senate Bill 11 continues to move forward in the final days of the 84th session -- but as a watered down version.

On Thursday, the Senate requested that the bill be sent to a conference committee, where members from both chambers of the legislature met and resolved their differences on the measure.

The conference committee report, which was not distributed until after midnight on Friday, gives public universities more authority for where and how concealed handguns are permitted on campus. In addition, private universities would be allowed to opt out of campus carry altogether...... -->

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