June 7th 2015

Vets told they can 'buy back'
2nd Amendment rights


Hang on to your socks - this takes a lot of swallowing, in fact even believing at all. Ridiculous assumptions are being made about veteran's states of mind, as if any and all are mentally unfit and incompetent, as well as sometimes being labeled as right-wing extremists etc. Is this the way to treat people who have put their lives on the line for their country? Read this entire piece and weep, as their second amendment rights are threatened, or pay up.

By Bob Unruh. June 5th, 2015

A legal team investigating the Obama administration's order that certain American military veterans deemed "incompetent" give up their weapons says the problem is worse than expected.

People who live with veterans now are being ordered not to possess a gun, and some veterans are told they can "buy back" their Second Amendment rights by giving up their veterans' benefits.

"This is simply unbelievable, On the one hand the [Veterans Administration] and the FBI have found veterans to be mentally ill and too dangerous to be allowed to own firearms, while on the other hand allowing these allegedly dangerous people to buy their firearms rights back," wrote Michael Connelly, executive director of the United States Justice Foundation in a report...... -->

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