June 9th 2015

Gun Control Supporters Are Losing the
Culture War, And Can Never Acknowledge Why


This seems to be based round the common perception that "gun control" as a concept produces a 'feel-good' factor. Much involves those old favorites such as 'assault weapons' and background checks, despite the fact that when truths are presented most arguments fall flat.

Posted by Bob Owens on June 4th, 2015

Todd Frankel is one of the Washington Post reporters covering Second Amendment issues, and is a nice enough guy to chat with over the phone.

Unfortunately, Mr. Frankel suffers from the same delusions about how the public perceives the struggle between gun rights supporters and gun prohibitionists as do many inside the Beltway, the media in general, and in gun control groups themselves.

That was painfully evident in his newest contribution to the Post Wonkblog, "Support for gun control isn't dead, new poll shows. It just matters how you frame the question."

Frankel's post concerns itself with studies run by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a school financed and dedicated to supporting the gun control policies of New York's bitter billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, and his tyrannical quest to disarm the American people.

Bloomberg's School of Gun Control Propaganda (which is what they should be called if there was a "truth-in-labeling" law applied) has continued to run polls in hopes of finding public support for gun control. That's an increasingly tough challenge...... -->

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