June 12th 2015

Remote Idaho school buys
guns to enhance safety


We found this interesting report, which is encouraging to see. Obviously the school board sensibly recognizes that law enforcement is many minutes away and considers it prudent to have a means of self defense in the event of an armed attack.There does however appear to be one "but" - and that is the inference that while some staff would receive training, the guns would be "stored". Make of that what you will, but actual CCW would be way better.
An attorney with the 'Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence' however makes this uneducated and typical kind of statement -- "Just having people armed doesn't make a school safer," Anderman said.
That we may suppose is the classic bleeding-heart "Gun-Free-Zone" anti-gun zeolot's view!

Published June 7th, 2015. FoxNews.com

A small Idaho school district far removed from any sort of law enforcement has purchased firearms and trained a handful of staff to use them should a school shooting happen.

It takes police at least 45 minutes to reach the Garden Valley School District, which is made up of less than 300 students all taught under the same building. Limited funds have prevented the school from hiring police officers to patrol the building during school hours.

As a result, the school board approved this month purchasing guns to remain locked inside the school and trained six employees to use the weapons in case of an emergency...... -->

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