June 15th 2015

Wisconsin to end waiting period for handgun sales


There are still too many states imposing near ridiculous 'waiting periods' - something which has always been little more than a 'gun control' measure of 2A obstruction, without accruing any real safety benefit. It is reassuring to see Wisconsin do away with their 'cooling-off' period.

By Rick Moran. June 10th, 2015

The Wisconsin assembly passed a bill eliminating the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases, clearing the way for Governor Scott Walker to sign it. (See PDF file press release)

Does eliminating the waiting period for handgun sales make a difference? For a New Jersey woman, it was a matter of life and death

At one time, the waiting period for firearms purchases was widespread. But with the advent of electronic verification, the necessity of delaying a handgun purchase has disappeared. The argument that an enraged spouse could go to a gun shop and buy a pistol for immediate use has always been far-fetched, so the idea of a "cooling off" period is bogus. If someone is buying a handgun with murder in mind, he will commit the crime whether there is a 48-hour waiting period or not....... -->

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