June 25th 2015

No Lie Was Off Limits to the Late Sarah Brady
in Her Quest to Disarm Good Americans


We must have missed this one. Well, there will probably not be too many tears shed in the pro-gun camp, but no doubt her legacy will still be continued by all the others such as Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, and so many more. Perhaps her biggest quest was for registration, so that confiscation could then be better facilitated.

By Paul Huebl. April 3rd, 2015

Baltimore, MD -- Sarah Brady had been the face of Gun Control in America for more than three decades. However today at age 73 she has succumbed to a bout of pneumonia.

Brady became the convenient standard bearer for the forces that hate all guns and gun rights. This after a armed madman wounded her husband James Brady who was President Ronald Reagan's Press Secretary during a 1981 assassination attempt.

Brady led a very deceptive campaign that was intended to incrementally outlaw all firearms. She cleverly began to change firearm adjectives and successfully demonized firearms based on simple cosmetics.

Like Brady most Americans were ignorant about guns. She renamed all the firearms that looked somewhat scary as assault weapons........ -->

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