July 2nd 2015

Kim Kardashian: 'I'm Not Really A Gun Person,'
But We Need More Gun Control


Just a peek at the thinking of a so-called 'celebrity' regarding guns. Typical perhaps of the general "Hollywood" thinking process which tends to assume that 'gun control' is the answer to everything concerning gun crime and mass shootings. Furthermore, people in this 'money bracket' probably can easily afford to employ armed security!

By AWR Hawkins. 1st July, 2015

In an interview with retired California judge LaDoris Cordell, reality star Kim Kardashian admitted to not really being "a gun person," but she said we need more gun control in America.

Kardashian also spoke on race and on her support of Hillary Clinton for president.

According to Mail Online, Kardashian talked about the attack on the Charleston church by suggesting "stricter legislation to prevent mass shootings." She did not address the reports that alleged gunman Dylann Roof passed a background check for his gun, thereby complying with all gun control requirements. Nor did she mention that Santa Barbara attacker Elliot Rodger complied with even stricter gun controls in California, whereby he not only passed a background check but also registered his guns with the state and used only 10-round magazines in carrying out his heinous act....... -->

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