July 7th 2015

High-crime and cop neighborhoods
tops in concealed-carry permits


McDonald would most certainly have been well pleased to see the progress in his home state, in particular Chicago where there is still much improvement needed yet. As he once said "The gangs have their guns; we want ours, too"... makes total sense.

Written By Frank Main. Posted: July 5th, 2015

Otis McDonald -- the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit that overturned Chicago's gun ban -- would have been delighted that many of his neighbors now have permits to carry concealed weapons, according to his fellow gun advocates.

McDonald, who died of an illness last year at 80, was an African-American resident of Morgan Park on the Southwest Side. The onetime robbery victim was a vocal advocate of allowing law-abiding citizens to carry hidden weapons to protect themselves against criminals.

It appears many of his neighbors -- and many other Chicago residents in safe and high-crime neighborhoods alike -- agree with him.

A Chicago Sun-Times analysis of concealed-carry permits issued since 2013 shows the 60643 ZIP code where McDonald lived is ranked 23rd out of more than 1,300 ZIP codes across the state.

"Everything hasn't turned into the O.K. Corral," NRA lobbyist Vandermyde said. "It's not the Wild West that a lot of politicians thought it would be."....... -->

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