July 26th 2015

The Madness That Freedom Faces

"The Second Amendment must go:
How many Americans must die before we rethink the Second Amendment"


"Why not make it more difficult for them to access a gun? Why not do everything possible to reduce the number of guns on the street?"
A classic knee-jerk reaction, with little thought to the difference between law abiding gun ownership and the right of self defense, compared with the vast numbers of illegal guns involved in mainly inter-gang homicides. How ignorant of freedom can one writer get? See if you can count the false premises and misnomers that this writer spouts off.

By Sean Illing. July 24th, 2015

A small memorial is shown outside of the Red Arrow business for the owner Jillian Johnson, a victim of the the movie theater shooting, in Lafayette, La. on Friday, July 24, 2015 Johnson was one of two women killed in an attack in Lafayette Thursday night. John Russel Houser, 59, stood up about 20 minutes into a movie and fired first at two people sitting in front of him, then aimed his handgun at others, firing at least 13 times, police said Friday. (AP Photo/Denny Culbert)(Credit: Denny Culbert)

There was another mass shooting in America last night -- this time in my home state of Louisiana. John Houser, a drifter from Alabama, walked into a crowded theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana, and unloaded 13 rounds. We don't yet know why this theatre and this man, but we know this: two innocent people are dead because they were shot in the dark by a stranger.

A sickness has swept over our country: angry men with guns are discharging their nihilism on our children, our neighbors, our churches, and our communities. And we won't do a damn thing about it. We know this because what happened in Lafayette last night has already happened in Chattanooga, in Charleston, in Aurora, in Washington D.C., in Connecticut, in Texas, in Virginia, and on and on and on.

Nothing changes. Some bodies are filled with holes, politicians and the media descend, the news cycle passes, and we carry on. Our streets are studded with guns and no one is willing to do anything about it...... -->

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