July 28th 2015

Chuck Todd To Bernie Sanders:
Gun Control Has Failed


The broken record plays on - same old horse-puckey. 20,000 or so 'gun control' laws already we hear - and we need more - yeah right. The bottom line is that no amount of checks will ever stop bad incidents, and most certainly will have zero effect on crime - crooks dont get guns legally. Sander's 'altruism' is pretty typical and barely takes into account the right of self defense for the millions of responsible gun-owners.

By AWR Hawkins. 28th July 2015
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During the July 26 airing of Meet the Press, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 16% listed background checks, barring criminals from owning guns, and barring the mentally ill from owning guns, as being among the laws he wants to promote as a Democrat presidential hopeful. Host Chuck Todd responded by pointing out that such laws are already on the books and they do not work.

Sanders described “common ground” on gun control as “universal, instant background checks.” He said, “Nobody should have a gun who has a criminal background, who is involved in domestic abuse situations, people should not have guns who are going to hurt other people--who are unstable.”

Secondly, Sanders said that “certain types of guns, used to kill people exclusively, not for hunting, they should not be sold in the United States of America.” He then referenced the gun show “loophole” and the need to close it.

Todd said:

You bring up the instant background checks. If you look at what appears to be the situation in Louisiana, the situation in Charleston, there were background checks made and they didn’t work. They didn’t catch what was necessary. Instant background checks lead to more speed and more mistakes. Don’t you need longer waiting periods?

Sanders responded:

Whatever we need to do is whatever we need is a system that works. The bottom line is that I hope nobody in America disagrees that people, as is the case of the shooter here in Louisiana who has a history of mental instability, should not being having guns. People with a criminal background, people who are abusing wives and girlfriends, should not be having guns.

Todd countered, “Going back [to my earlier] question, we have those laws on the books, and it’s not working.”

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