August 19th 2015

Evolution in Progress -- Trump on Guns


With Trump so much front and center currently, like him or loathe him it is interesting to see what his views are on firearms and the Second Amendment. Apparently he has improved his understanding considerably over the last 15 or so years - advantageously we might think, to a point of reasonable sensibility. Dean Weingarten analyzes, with reference to some video material.

By Dean Weingarten on August 18th, 2015

There are several themes that are clear from Donald Trump’s statements on the Second Amendment. First, he strongly associates the Second Amendment with self defense. That’s in opposition to nearly all anti-gunners. In the Heller decision of 2008, the Supreme Court Decision held that the Second Amendment applied to self defense. Anti-gunners dismiss Heller as nonsense.

Second, Trump has always said that gun control laws will only disarm the good guys. The bad guys will then be the only ones with guns. Again, this is an enormous departure from the anti-gun position. They never concede that point, because it undermines their whole argument.

Third, Trump now appears to understand that the anti-gunners’ game is incremental degradation of the right to keep and bear arms. This shows a much greater understanding of the topic than he had back in 2000.

Has Donald Trump changed his views about the Second Amendment? It seems that his views have evolved through education. Fifteen years ago, he likely had a murkier understanding of what “assault weapons” were. He didn’t know how ineffective the current background check system is.

However he always believed that the Second Amendment applied to self defense, and that disarming good guys would leave the bad guys armed. That makes him a bit different from most of the political pack....... -->

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