September 9th 2015

This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace:
UK Looks to Ban More Guns


This should well be an educational look into the extremes of the anti-gun psyche, whereby the UK has proposals to further undermine its citizen's already heavily restricted gun ownership. There is no apparent logic aimed at increasing safety - it is entirely about control. Even there, it is likely the criminals will just love the extra bans if applied.

By Robert Farago. September 8th, 2015

“Internal police documents seen by UK Shooting News have revealed that police firearms licensing employees want to ban: .22 semi-autos; magazine-fed shotguns; all 50-cals; section 2 certificates; free 1-for-1 variations; old spec deactivated firearms; antique firearms; and appeals to courts against police decisions. UK Shooting News’ author assures readers that this is all real, and not some feverish nightmare.” An assurance that should resonate here in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, in the sense that …

Anyone who thinks that “common sense” gun control isn’t the proverbial “camel’s nose in the tent” is oblivious to history, both in the UK and, say, California. New Jersey. Hawaii. And every other U.S. state where gun control legislation found purchase. Not to mention federally.

The info obtained by Shooting News is a blueprint; the proposals have not been formerly introduced. What are the odds? Excellent! After banning handguns for personal defense and instituting draconian purchasing, licensing and inspection provisions for all remaining civilian-held firearms, the UK authorities would now like to ban …...... -->

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