September 16th 2015

Who Aren’t the Murderers?


When it comes to the predictable 'knee-jerk' reactions after a 'mass' shooting -- there are no excuses for infringing the rights of the vast majority of Americans. Plus, that same vast majority is the same one that should collectively be regarded as totally trustworthy.

By Robert B. Young, MD. August 11th, 2015. Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

In “Who Are the Mass Murderers?” (executive summary: an infinitesimal, unpredictable fraction of the population), we reviewed the characteristics of mass murderers, insofar as there are any common ones. We need to keep in mind the “infinitesimal” attribute. According to a new Congressional Research Study, only 0.004 percent of all deaths, or 0.66 percent of murder victims occur during mass shootings. That’s less than 2% of all non-firearm murder victims. Overall, the odds against being killed in a mass shooting in the United States are roughly 517,000 to 1! (And let’s remember that statistics don’t account for shooting attempts interrupted by legal gun owners. In those, people are far less likely to be shot at all; and when they are, the numbers of victims don’t rise to the 4 casualties that define “mass shooting”.)

It can also be useful to turn the question around: Who isn’t likely to be a shooter? It’s important to be clear on who are not likely murderers, mass or single, and indeed with any weapon, so as to avoid unfair restriction of civil rights. Licensed concealed carriers of handguns are certainly not potential killers; they are “extremely law-abiding”......... -->

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