September 20th 2015

Donald Trump - 'Concealed
Carry a Right, Not a Privilege'


Like him or hate him - Trump seems to have a better handle than most on the 2A and 'gun control'. He acknowledges CCW is a right and not a privilege, and believes that a combination of enforcement of harsh penalties for gun crimes and a revamping of America's mental health system - together with a broadened exercise of the right to use guns for self-defense - are the keys to addressing gun violence in America. Perhaps a better take than what we hear from most seeking high office. ( Dean Weingarten also wrote in some depth about this subject on 8/18/15. )

By AWR Hawkins. 18th September, 2015

In a policy paper released to explain the importance of key Second Amendment issues, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump stresses "concealed carry ... is a right, not a privilege" and contends for national recognition of the concealed carry permits from every state.

Breitbart News previously reported that Trump is a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder who believes we must maintain the Second Amendment "in its strongest form."

According to Trump, the push for national right to carry recognition is one that needs to succeed. Trump explains:...... -->

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