September 24th 2015

Last gun shop in San Francisco
confirms closure due to new law


Regulation by stealth? No - total registration, period. Most are aware that CA is not exactly gun-friendly but this ordinance is despicable, and now sadly and perhaps predictably, the store is going out of business. 2A haters will try about anything.

9/23/15 | By Chris Eger. 9/23/15.

The mood is somber at High Bridge Arms as the shop is closing following introduction of a law to video all gun and ammo sales and transmit data to the police department.

In July, Supervisor Mark Farrell asked city attorney's office to draft legislation increasing restrictions on gun stores operating in the city to mandate the recording of sales, storing the videos for at least five years, and transmitting data on buyer and firearms to police at least once a week.

With the proposal's planned introduction, owners of High Bridge Arms — the sole gun shop in the city of 830,000 — had feared the new regulations would mean the end of the shop over requirements to hand over personal information to include names, addresses and birth dates to city officials in conjunction with gun and ammo sales.

With the ordinance formally introduced earlier this month, High Bridge made it official and is having a going out of business sale....... -->

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