September 29th 2015

Breitbart's AWR Hawkins Recognized as
'Journalist of the Year' by National Gun Rights Conference


This is most pleasing as AWR has been featured here many times. He is a 'deep digger', getting facts and subject matter that is invaluable as we seek to keep abreast of the constant attempts to destroy the Second Amendment. He is to be commended.

By Bob Price. September 27th, 2015

A writer for Breitbart News, renowned for his writings on gun rights and Second Amendment issues, has been recognized as "Journalist of the Year" at a national gun rights conference.

AWR Hawkins was presented the award of Journalist of the Year at the 30th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference is sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). The award was presented by one of the nation's leading gun rights advocates, Alan Gottlieb. He is the founder of the SAF and currently serves as Senior Vice President of the organization.

"Quite obviously, the media is very biased against gun rights," Gottlieb said speaking about the award during an interview at the conference. "AWR Hawkins does a great job of responding to stories that other people do that are twisted and he untwists it for us"...... -->

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