September 30th 2015

Cuomo Tells Dems to Shut Down
Government Until They Get Gun Control


Is Cuomo really so naive that he thinks "real gun control" is going to make one bit of difference to gun violence in NYC? His thinking takes the breath away, seeing as NYC is already regulated beyond belief regarding guns - legal guns that is. He seems to forget, like so many of his ilk, that bad guys and 'gangstas' do not live by the law and will always have their guns. So his plan is - just try and further punish honest people. Perhaps also he forgets how NYPD has been somewhat eviscerated by a certain mayor!

By AWR Hawkins. September 29th, 2015

At Carey Gabay's funeral on September 26, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) suggested Democrats shut down government and refuse to restart it until Republicans agree to pass "real gun control."

Cuomo's suggestion comes after Gabay was shot and fatally wounded in one of the numerous shootings surrounding the Labor Day J'Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn.

According to the New York Daily News, Cuomo said the gun violence in New York City has become "so brutal, so aimless, that the most innocent can be struck down anytime anywhere."...... -->

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