October 2nd 2015

Question of the Day: Who Cares How
the Oregon Shooter Got His Gun?


Predictably, the day after the Oregon shooting tragedy, the web is buzzing with opinion in all directions. The predictable cries for 'more control' are there in plenty but equally, those who see things sensibly realize that maybe the best approach, initially at least, would be to make real inroads into dispensing with the 'gun-free-zone' problem. The need for fighting fire with fire is paramount, as no amount of legislation is going to halt the ability of a nut job from attacking a soft target - only risking further depriving good people from being able to defend themselves.

By Robert Farago. October 2nd, 2015

In his stunningly premature, entirely partisan, irresponsibly political post-Umpqua Community College shooting address to the nation, President Obama asserted "it cannot be this easy for someone who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun." Wait. How easy? We still don't know how spree killer Chris Mercer obtained the four weapons used in the attack (three pistols and a rifle). Besides, who cares? Unless the person who sold/gave Mercer the guns knew he was going to commit a crime, what difference does it make where he got them? Predictably enough, Bloomberg's anti-gun agitprop operation -- thetrace.org -- is already on the case and lost in those weeds . . .

Below: Gun Rights Coalition video. Published on April 25th, 2015

Oregon House Committee On Rules 2015-04-22 SB-941
Tim Svenson - Yamhill County Sheriff
John Hanlin - Douglas County Sheriff

In April, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin testified at the state house against the bill. "I can tell you that this law is not going to protect citizens of Oregon," he said. "It will not do that."

SB-941 -- Requires private person to complete transfer of firearm by appearing with transferee before gun dealer to request criminal background check or shipping or delivering firearm to gun dealer in certain circumstances.


(As Breitbart wrote in May2015 -- Oregon's SB 941 Drives Up Gun Prices, Does Not Prevent Sandy Hook-Style Attacks.)

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