October 14th 2015

Guns 'n' Moses:
Why more Jews are packing heat


An encouraging trend. More than any other group in America, it's Jews who should not only support the Second Amendment in theory but also avail themselves of those rights. Even in blue states like New York and New Jersey, rabbis and Jewish laypeople are quietly applying for gun and concealed-carry permits.

By Bethany Mandel. October 13th, 2015

A Jewish suburban mom, a doctor and a cop walk into a shooting range.

That's no setup to a punch line; it's who you might find at the kind of New Jersey gun range where I took a basic pistol class last Sunday morning.

As our instructor looked around at the class and commented on the strange mix of individuals, he noted that just one character was missing from his typical crew of students: a rabbi.

He didn't have to explain why; you only need to watch the news to know that synagogues, kosher supermarkets and Jewish community centers are a renewed target for violence right here in the New York area, not to mention Paris and Jerusalem.

(Friends who frequent the range say they're seeing more yarmulkes and fewer "rebels" these days)...... -->

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