October 20th 2015

Black Pastors Rising in
Support of Guns in the Pulpit


The trend towards a sensible presence of armed personel in churches is both unsurprising, as well as laudable. Despite predictable mutterings from 'anti-gun' people, this move within the black church-going community is seen as progress when it comes to not having to turn the other cheek.

By AWR Hawkins. 20th October, 2015

On October 20 The Daily Beast (TDB) reported that the idea of guns behind the pulpit has been gaining momentum in black churches for years and that momentum increased exponentially following the June attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston in June.

The TDB report comes just two days after a black Detroit pastor used a handgun to kill an alleged attacker during a church service. Local 4 reported that the shooting occurred after "the [suspect] stormed into the church during a service wielding a brick." The pastor fatally wounded the alleged attacker by firing "four or five shots" from the Glock he carries to defend himself and his congregation.

As it turns out, the pastor at City of God is not alone in his determination to be armed for such circumstances...... -->

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