When Seconds Really Do Count

November 5th 2015

In a classic case of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with murder on his mind, police arrived on the campus of the University of California in Merced, CA and shot the aspiring killer, stopping him in his tracks – after five people were injured, two severely enough to require they be airlifted to local hospitals.

“When seconds count, police are only minutes away,” said Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Operations Manager Kasey Goodman, continuing “college students aren’t so stupid, evil or irresponsible that they cannot be trusted with their own safety. How much faster, and how many fewer people would have been hurt had a lawfully armed and law-abiding student been present when this madman went on his rampage? Will California pick up the hospital bills of the injured because they denied these students an effective means of self-defense?”

Goodman went on to note that on October 11th of this year that California Governor Jerry Brown had signed legislation preventing even those holding the difficult-to-obtain California Concealed Carry license from lawfully carrying a firearm for self-defense or any other purpose on college or university campuses in that state.

“JPFO categorically opposes these so-called gun free zones that are really only corrals of defenseless victims where a deranged or simply evil killer can rampage at will. New and continued bans on lawful campus carry only mandate victimhood and serve absolutely no purpose when it comes to preventing or stopping violent crime on college campuses or anywhere else,” Goodman concluded.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has for 26 years been the passionate and uncompromising voice of firearms rights activism from the people who have better reason than any other to appreciate the benefits of having ready to hand modern tools to fend off agents of rogue governments and other criminals – the survivors and descendants of those who survived the Holocaust. Never Again.

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