Feinstein's New Assault Weapons
Ban Bill Is Worse Than Ever

By Jeremy S. January 10th, 2019

Oh boy. Senator Diane Feinstein and her team are up to their old tricks, introducing new Assault Weapons Ban legislation for 2019 that builds on her failed 2017 effort and adds a bunch of new restrictions, regulations, and bans.

Her new bill would outlaw private sales, enact safe storage mandates, and prohibit the transfer of "high capacity" magazines, among other Second Amendment infringements.

If you didn't care about bump stocks and don't believe in that "slippery slope" thing, you should care now. Check this out: .......

Perhaps no one should be surprised at this considering all the mutterings over time about a new bill. However, some of the proposals are predictably in the relm of the ridiculous when it comes to 'cosmetic' characteristics in particular, plus of course the old favorite - mag capacity. This new year is likely to represent perhaps the biggest attempt for some time to infringe on the right to bear arms - the threats are very real.


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