Senator: Lawmakers Should Pass
Tests Before Writing Gun Laws

By Kat Ainsworth. January 16th, 2019
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You know, Senator Fortunato, it might have been nice if you'd pushed this before Washington State came apart at the seams.

State Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, has introduced legislation in advance of the 2019 legislative session that would require lawmakers who draft gun legislation to be trained and pass a test.

"We have legislators drafting bills who have no idea how firearms work or any sense of firearm nomenclature," Fortunato said. "When decision makers want to restrict someone's constitutional rights, they shouldn't go off half-cocked."

So, what does "half-cocked" look like? I'm glad you asked.

"A weapon (AR-15) that shoots off 700 rounds in a minute." -- former U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Florida.

A ghost gun that "has the ability, with a .30-caliber clip, to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second; 30 magazine clip in half a second." -- California state Sen. Kevin de Leon (D).

-- Auburn Reporter, Fortunato: Firearms Test Should Be Required for Lawmaker Who Want to Draft Gun Legislation

It would seem decidedly logical to require legislators to be properly informed about firearms matters before pontificating and drafting new legislation. It has been painfully obvious for a long time that those who seek to infringe on Second Amendment rights frequently show dangerous ignorance of both genuine statistics as well as gun nomenclature. Better still - leave the Second Amendment alone!


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