Where do These Gun-Lies Come From?

By Rob Morse. January 19th, 2019
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Study cures ignorance, but it is the comforting lies we cling to that cause us so much trouble. Where did we learn the foolish falsehoods we hear about civilian gun ownership? What makes these lies so attractive and so dangerous? Let’s look at the popular myths of disarmament.

You don’t need to defend yourself. You should just call the police and let them protect you. Yes, I’ve had people say this to my face. I’ve learned not to argue with facts about court decisions and response times. The people who say this know it is a lie, but they are clinging to the lie for a reason. I learned to ask them this question-

“You’re at the park with a child you care for. An adult comes up and grabs your child off the swing and starts to drag her toward his car. Are you’re telling me that we should run to the phone rather than use a defensive tool to protect our child?”

It is a shocking question, but so are some of the answers. The ideologue looks me in the eye and says we should sacrifice the child for the cause of 'gun-control'. In contrast, if the questioner is honest, then they look down and say we should protect the child. I find it inspiring that people will still rush to the aid of an innocent child even if they are too lazy to defend themselves. Now, we can talk about the tools they need to be effective defenders. .......

The lies and myths that get regularly promoted concerning firearm ownership become ever more tedious, predictable, and as usual are contained in most 'gun control' efforts. We see a combination of false statistics, lack of firearms knowledge and even emphasis being placed on ridiculous gun cosmetics that have little to do with actual basic function. At every opportunity gun owners must attempt to correct misinformation of all varieties and at very least level the playing field.


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