BREAKING: SCOTUS Grants Cert to NY State Rifle
& Pistol Assn. v. NYC Gun Rights Case

By Dan Zimmerman. January 22nd, 2019

As we and others have frequently complained, the Supreme Court has been notably reluctant to take Second Amendment cases in recent years. That reluctance has let a number of lower court rulings that directly conflict with the Heller and McDonald decisions stand in a number of districts.

Those cases include an "assault weapons" ban in Maryland, microstamping and may issue in California and may issue in New York state.

Speculation by Court watchers was that, because of the unpredictability of former Justice Anthony Kennedy, the pro-2A justices would rather let those Heller-defying lower court rulings stand than risk Kennedy siding with the left-leaning Justices and issuing an adverse gun rights decision.

But Kennedy is gone, replaced by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who has a solid record of Second Amendment support in his opinion paper trail.

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Any progress from SCOTUS is welcome as there has been very little in the way of Second Amendment judgements for some time and anything that gets useful results is more than well received. Perhaps we can hope to see more beneficial decisions, as the backlog of 2A cases is quite substantial - possibly shaking up some of the 9th Circuit unconstitutional type restrictions into being overturned.


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