Slate: Kavanaugh's " Expansive View of the
2A" Signals a "Constitutional Revolution"

By Staff Writer. January 24, 2019
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Naturally, the comedy far-left politics e-magazine Slate has taken interest in the first Second Amendment case SCOTUS has agreed to hear in a decade. The case challenges the city's prohibition on transporting licensed, locked and unloaded handguns outside the city, and the Court's decision could have far-reaching effects, as we discuss further here.

Slate's take on this whole affair is eminently quotable comedic gold.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh [is] a gun-rights enthusiast who takes a breathtakingly expansive view of the Second Amendment.

What constitutes such a "breathtakingly expansive" view? Slate's Jurisprudence columnist Mark Joseph Stern explains:

If Americans have a constitutional right to take their guns to and from a firing range of their choice, after all, why shouldn't they be allowed to transport them while traveling elsewhere? If the Constitution safeguards their ability to bring a firearm to and from their second home, why shouldn't it also protect their right to carry a gun while running errands or visiting friends?

Notice how he calls the gun range your second home? Maybe those lefties aren't so out of touch, after all. Mind you, this whole line of reasoning refers to transporting a gun unlocked and unloaded, not carrying it on one's person - a distinction Stern repeatedly struggles with throughout his article.

As icing on the cake, Stern describes the apocalypse that will befall us if this breathtakingly expansive view of the Second Amendment is honored:

Once the Second Amendment is extended beyond the home, public-carry bans generally will be the next to fall. Lower courts, now packed with pro-gun Trump nominees, will swiftly tear down restrictions on concealed and open carry. A central premise of Heller/ and McDonald--that the Second Amendment protects handguns "in the home"--will be cast aside. New York State Rifle will be the first shot in a coming constitutional revolution.

Let freedom ring.

Excerpts from "The Supreme Court is Preparing to Make Every State's Gun Laws Look Like Texas'" via Slate

The original article, from which some quotes were taken, comprises a mix of both seeming cynicism as well as observations towards potential excesses with rulings on Second Amendment matters in the future. There is certainly a possibility of more favorable judgements with Kavanaugh in the court as well as an increase in lower court Trump appointees but time will tell yet whether there will be some real changes for the better.


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