Illinois doubles down on "stupid"

By Jay Carter. January 30, 2019
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Illinois...there's something in the water.

For those readers not familiar with Illinois, it's really two states: one that is basically Chicago/Cook County and its collar counties (mostly "left leaning"), the other is roughly everything south of I-80 (mostly "right leaning") which is typically labeled as "downstate". Of course, this is a generalization as we know there are pockets of liberalism in "downstate" (Champaign County, for instance) and vice-versa. Further, there are some "liberals" who own firearm as lets not get too wrapped up in the labels.

Sadly, the population of Cook County, etc. is enough that the entire remainder of the state can think one way and get overruled in an election. The last Gubernatorial race found a few more pockets in support of the democratic candidate as people were rightfully fed up with Gov. Rauner's ineffectiveness.

Those of us in "downstate" IL knew that the relatively stable, though not ideal, situation for firearms ownership would take a negative turn when Gov. J.B. Pritzker was elected. As it turns out, we underestimated the slope of that downward curve and how quickly the Chicago pols would act.

Yeah, they're swinging for the fences. .......

The spread of restrictions covered here totally takes the breath away. Many will be well familiar with Illinois' lack of gun friendliness over many years but this now is more like reading a list contrived by a dictatorship. We can imagine those involved discussing possible changes - "what else can we add to the list?" 'Draconian' comes to mind to describe it all, but in fact from a point of view of infringements that word is nowhere near strong enough. Criminals will predictably be loving it.


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