"Red Flag" Dangers Will Only get Worse

From Guns In The News. February 12th, 2019

As politicians and anti-gun rights activists continuously chant, "we don't want to take your guns," behind the scenes -- in only the year -- politicians have been working overtime to limit your right to bear arms. These laws are all a reaction to the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida and, like most politicians always do, they are not letting this tragedy go to waste.

Since the tragic shooting in Florida last February, the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has recorded a whopping 55 new gun control measures in 26 states--in just the first six months of the year.

Some of these laws being passed are 'Red Flag' laws which are used to disarm individuals who are reported as a threat by a family member or friend. Many believe that these red flag laws are dangerous as they can prompt police action with little to no due process.

As a recent report out of FOX32, points out, nine states have passed laws over the past year allowing police or household members to seek court orders requiring people deemed threatening to temporarily surrender their guns, bringing the total to 14. Several more are likely to follow in the months ahead. .......

Seizures in 2018 are reported as having been 1,700 and has has been mentioned before, this approach with no due process has to be as yet about the most dangerous ploy aimed at achieving more 'gun control'. 2019 is without doubt likely to be the worst year yet for attempts to infringe upon Second Amendment rights and any murder events are only likely to significantly exaggerate the problem.


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