Firearms Mufflers- politics trumps safety

By Rob Morse. February 19th, 2019
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This will be our epitaph if the US fails as a country;

“We wanted to stop doing stupid things..
..but we were addicted to money and power.”

Our list of our stupid government actions is endless, but the regulation of firearms mufflers has to be near the top of the list. I didn’t believe it until I heard it with my own ears. We should be shouting for muffler deregulation.

I’ve worked around equipment that was so loud it would quickly damage your hearing. You’re required to wear hearing protection when you’re near it, and you’ll be removed from the job site if you don’t. If you fly, then you’ve seen the ramp crews wearing hearing protection as they service the planes. Many guns are louder than those jet engines. Gun owners have to take hearing protection seriously.

We did the opposite in the case of firearms. We imposed high taxes and long delays on the very equipment that makes firearms safer to be around. That would be considered criminal negligence if anyone other than the government were regulating firearms mufflers. It doesn’t make sense, but that is the way government works.. so far. .......

One of the the myths that still surrounds suppressors is that they "silence" a firearm discharge - in part at least conjured up due to the classic Hollywood portrayal and association with assassination. All they in fact do is 'moderate' and so help protect hearing. It is also overlooked that a handgun with a 'silencer' fitted is hardly the most concealable self defense tool!


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