The Mythical Cycle of Violence

By David Stolinsky. February 28th, 2019
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Leftists and pacifists who oppose America’s efforts to stop terrorism endlessly proclaim, “Stop the cycle of violence.” They say the same thing when police arrest known gang members. And they say the same thing when a kid confronts a bully in the schoolyard. This is a control fantasy: We are in control, so if we do nothing, the violence will end.

There is no evidence for this illogical notion, which implies that violence is caused equally by both sides. If we are as guilty as terrorists and criminals, we have no reason to be angry, and no justification to react. In other words, blame the victims.

The end result of “Stop the cycle of violence” is that we do nothing, while our enemies continue to slaughter innocent men, women, and children. This result will surely please our enemies. But is there really a “cycle of violence”? Consider: .......

David Stolinsky takes a look at violence in its various forms, particularly focusing on terrorism but also including aspects of self defense. Pacifism - doing nothing - does little to appease those intent on violence but sometimes it would seem lessons are not learned, over and over.


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