'Second Amendment Sanctuary' ordinances grow

Following the lead of their rebellious constituents,
local officials say they won't enforce despised rules.

By D. Tuccille. March 4th, 2019

New Mexico is the battleground for the latest confrontation between politicians determined to impose legal restrictions on the right to acquire and own the means of self-defense and people unwilling to obey such laws. The state's governor is publicly feuding with county-level officials who, responding to grassroots anger at the proposed gun measures, vow noncompliance if they become law.

The evidence from similar spats in other states suggests that government officials are once again poised to have their impotence demonstrated by people eager to disobey dictates from above.

Mandatory background checks for most gun transfers, court-ordered seizures of firearms, and the denial of self-defense rights to those convicted of domestic violence offenses feature in the bills moving through the state legislature. The measure requiring background checks for all gun transfers, except between close family members and cops, seems to have excited the greatest opposition. .......

There is much need for more 'sanctuary' movements as attempts are made over and over to try and limit Second Amendment rights. The whole process of continued 'gun control' is the usual one of "chip-chip-chip" - trying to erode rights by increments all aimed at disarmament, but assistance towards low compliance by law enforcement is at least a way to help limit infringement compliance.


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