'Constitutional Carry' passes in Kentucky

By Dean Weingarten. March 6th, 2019
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On Friday, 1 March, 2019, Constitutional Carry, SB 150, passed the Kentucky House with a vote of 60-37. On 14 February, two weeks earlier, SB 150 passed the full Kentucky Senate, 29-8.

The bill was watched intently by Second Amendment supporters. It passed the House just before 1 p.m.

Gutshot II, a longterm, vigorous contributor to OpenCarry.org, was in the gallery of the House of Representatives in Kentucky when SB150 passed......

..... Now the bill goes to Matt Bevin, the strongly conservative governor of Kentucky. Governor Bevin is widely expected to sign the bill into law. Matt Beven was given an endorsement by Gun Owners of America in his governors race. .......

So far 15 very sensible and constitutionally oriented states have this implemented, although VT has always required no permit. It is well past time that other states followed suit although with a few such as CA, NJ, NY, MD, HI etc, there will be little chance of any progress so no point in holding breath. There should never be any requirement for a permit to excercise a basic Second Amendment right and yet the belligerent states continue to hardly issue permits at all to regular citizens. "May issue" unfortunately usually means very unlikely.


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