Hawaii Urges 2A Repeal, and More

By Dan Zimmerman. March 7th, 2019

This week, a resolution was introduced in the Hawaii state Senate calling on the U.S. Congress to change or repeal the Second Amendment. This resolution shows a gross disregard for individual liberties that the United States was founded upon.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 42, introduced by Senators Stanley Chang (D-9) and Karl Rhoads (D-13), would urge the U.S. Congress to adopt an amendment to eliminate the individual rights of citizens.

On top of the introduction of this egregious resolution, four anti-gun bills passed their chambers of origin. .......

Apart from the four 'gun control' bills referred to - the call for changing or even repealing the Second Amendment is almost beyond belief. Hawaii has long been among the least friendly to citizen gun ownership but this shows that they are marching fast forward to try and disarm everyone - as ever, needless to say, the criminal element will be unaffected. The JPFO "Confiscation Clock" if applied here would probably not be at '12 minutes to midnight' but nearer '2 minutes to midnight'.


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