Understanding Human Predators

By Dean Weingarten. March 9th, 2019
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Our society has been exceptionally successful at instilling respect for the rule of law. It is hard for most people to realize other people exist who do not value human life. People to whom others are simply prey to be used for whatever value they can gain. Historically, people who do not value others outside their tribe are not unusual. They are the default setting for the human condition. Throughout the vast experience of humanity, the willingness to prey upon, kill, rape, and enslave others outside your tribe, is the norm.

Every human child is a wild animal who must be taught the norms of civilization, family values, and morality, if civilization is to endure. We destroy the time proven institutions of family, church, and culture at our peril. When we do so, we produce more werewolves who do not value those outside their inner circle. In evolution, this comes from the instincts of the killer ape. In Christianity, it is original sin. The werewolves and thugs are not products of our culture. They are failures of our culture to transmit values that made us the most successful culture on the planet. .......

For many, the existance of truly bad people does not always gain acceptance, and yet there is plenty of evidence for a section of society that has little regard for human life. Generally the most dangerous people are those who refuse to accept the core values of society and ones who regard those outside their inner circle as having no value.


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