'Gun-Control' the Courts Ignore

By Rob Morse. March 14th, 2019
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The power to regulate an activity is the power to infringe upon it. The power to tax is the power to destroy that activity. Unfortunately, state and federal judges seldom see an infringement when the government regulates and taxes gun owners.

Today, the state and federal government significantly restrict the guns you may purchase. Those restrictions grow every day. These prohibitions limit the model, year of manufacture, and the magazine capacity of the guns you can buy. Identical object may be legal or illegal depending on when and where you purchased them.. and there is no way for law enforcement to discriminate one from the other. Those rules apply to you, but not to some government employees. We have clear and convincing evidence that criminals don’t obey these laws. In addition, we know these gun prohibitions have no effect on the rate of crime or its severity. Judges ignore the obvious evidence and don’t see these restrictions as an infringement on your rights. .......

A look at many aspects of gun ownership which are restricted in various ways - permit for this, permit for that, and how judgements seem all too often to be nothing more than infringements on rights. A popular explanation for restrictions which are adjudicated so often against the gun owner, is for lame excuses such as it's for 'public safety', or 'guns off the streets' - which does absolutely zero to affect criminals. Judges need to be 2A savvy and not panda to their own prejudices.

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