Fight for Your Right to Make the Argument

By Harold Hutchison. March 26, 2019

Earlier, I noted that Second Amendment supporters were winning the big arguments surrounding our freedoms. The winning arguments have always been there for Second Amendment supporters, and the landmark Heller and McDonald cases have shifted the terrain. But with these victories have come adjustments from anti-Second Amendment extremists over the last few years.

Unable to refute arguments in support of our Second Amendment rights, anti-Second Amendment extremists have taken to trying to suppress the ability of Second Amendment supporters to make their case to the American people in earnest. Back when McCain-Feingold was being debated, Michael Barnes, then the President of the Brady Campaign (formerly HCI), explained his support for the legislation because it would muzzle the NRA, while giving the Brady Campaign's supporters in the media free reign.

Lately, though, it has taken on a new intensity. Part of this has been the shift we have seen since the Heller and McDonald rulings. .....

Second Amendment supporters are more and more under attack by Hollywood people as well as the youth groups - perhaps most so since the Parkland episode. This is then all amplified through the mainly anti-gun media which rarely seeks to present other than a heavily biased platform, along with vilifying any who dare to present pro gun arguments plus generating smear campaigns.


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